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The pointless ‘Yo’ messaging app was hacked by Georgia students

The recently ‘rocketed to top charts’ messaging app Yo has been reportedly hacked by tech students from Georgia, where the hackers are managed uncover the flaw that can send unlimited ‘Yo’s from/to any users and the attackers can send push notification with any text to any users.yo-messaging-logo

Being branded as pointless messaging app, Yo managed to raise $1 million in investment. Meanwhile Yo only sends “Yo” to friends and nothing else.


Tech Crunch reported that it has been contacted by three Georgia tech students via email who revealed the flaws to the tech site:

We can get any Yo user’s phone number (I actually texted the founder, and he called me back). We can spoof Yo’s from any users, and we can spam any user with as many Yo. We could also send any Yo user a push notification with any text we want (though we decided not to do that)

Following the report, many other developers were also managed to hack into the app and make it work like their wish. One of them already change the “Yo” tune to his own choice of music and posted the video in popular 6 seconds video sharing social network Vine.

When Snapchat skyrocketed its user-base and popularity, it also had been hit by similar flaw discoveries by outsiders. Later, the startup managed setup top-class security measures in order to avoid such embarrassing incidents.

Meanwhile, Mr. Or Arbel said:

“Some of the stuff has been fixed and some we are still working on. We are taking this very seriously.”

Arbel also said that he had hired a specialist security team to deal with such issues in future. However, he hasn’t revealed which hacks are still live on Yo app.

Pointless era?

The Yo messaging app only sends ‘Yo’s to users, that’s all it does. But the application has managed to jump to many top app charts across the App Store as well as Android Play Store. It went like a viral and according to the creator of the app, Yo had sent over four million ‘yo’ messages already.

Not to forget, we have seen similar ‘pointless’ app, which moved to the top of the chart earning millions to the creator. Yes, we are talking about Flappy Bird game app.

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