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Make a Hangouts call to businesses directly from Google Search result

Well, now the search results are really going to a commendable experience. Now, no need of waiting for the slow network of the handset or anything else, now Google affords you to simplify your search experience. Google search has now come up with the great bonanza where users can simply improve their search experience by making free voice calls instantaneously. One call directly from PC or laptops anywhere in the world, but the international rates would be as similar as the standard hangouts rates are but the call to business in Canada and United States are free.google-search-hangouts-call

As far as the international fee is concerned, it beings with the ten cents  a minute for calls made in France, two cents a minute in India, and 15 cents a minute to Mexico. Right now, the feature has only been introduced in the United States but soon it will spread out in the other parts of  the world.

Google also introduced ‘outgoing Google voice calls to hangouts’ in the last July that offered phone calls via Google voice.

Working technique of this new business click feature

Let’s say if somebody is looking for the best restaurant nearby and has been doing research on internet. Now with this upload feature, customers will be to see the contact details of the restaurants along with a graph box on the right. Interestingly, both of them are supported with the clickable window which will immediately pop out with the chosen click.  Right when the hangout starts customers will get a calling option along with the subsequent rates. Amazingly, after a few seconds customers will be calling to their desired destination. However, to get the best search results, customers may ensure to include the “keyword” phone on their research.

To make the entire procedure successful, make sure to sign in Google account.

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