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NADA, Tesla battle intensifies as NADA looks for damage control

The struggle between the National Automobile Dealer Association ( NADA )and Tesla is getting interesting day by day. The National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) is absolutely not ready to allow Tesla to get away with the rights to sell the electric cars directly to the buyers. In this respect, Tesla has had an extreme upper hand considering the judgmental victories that it has had over NADA. With the battle getting pretty worse for NADA, the association is already up and looking for various other ways to bring in positives in the battle.

NADA, Tesla battle intensifies as NADA looks for damage control


According to the reports that have come through, Tesla is pretty much well placed considering the fact that The New Jersey Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee ruled unanimously in favor of Tesla. The other victory for the car manufacturing came in when the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo signed the ‘Pro – Tesla’ legislation into Law. According to the Law, Tesla will hold up to the 5 units of company owned stores and can also add to the list in case required.

With the consecutive roll over for Tesla on NADA, the later has literally consorted to damage control measures. The main fear lies in the fact that if other companies take inspiration from Tesla, then it can be a farewell time for NADA. The measures taken by NADA surprise me to a certain degree as for me they seem to bully the buyers as unintelligent. NADA has launched various statements which educate the buyers about the ill – effects of company owned stores and the profits to gain from franchised dealerships.

The battle that is stirring between NADA and Tesla seems to have taken interesting corners at various times and is expected to put on a mark in History. The automobile manufacturing units all over the world will be keeping an intense eye on the results.

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