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Hot or Not app has been updated; The craze of rating people might rise

People, who were already accustomed with the world of Internet about a decade ago, must be aware of ‘Hot or Not’. Hot or Not is that online platform which literally took the internet world by surprise exactly about 10 years ago. The platform allowed the users to rate the attractiveness of the people by their looks. Hot or Not creators also launched the mobile application last year in May.The craze of ratings might rise as Hot or Not gets Updated

According to the creators, Hot or Not has been updated with features that are better and brighter that the older version. What happened in the older version was that the users were allowed to rate people by taking a look at their pictures depending on their attractiveness. Back in the late 90’s the application was a huge hit and as for the expectation of the creators, the same is being expected.


The updated platform has been designed in such a way that the users can track down the most good-looking people around the neighborhood. Well, as certain things have changed from the older version, you will be amazed to see the effectiveness. Considering a situation where in I am moving for a match of Soccer, then using the application I can easily track down that whether there are any good-looking girls around my zone or not. The applications works exactly the same way for guys as it does for the girls. Guys can easily locate attractive girls and vice-versa.

Two interesting facts about Hot or Not before you use it!

Firstly, Hot or Not platform allows you to rate precisely based on the appearance and looks only. You can rate anything you want depending on your liking. The most important things that one needs to keep in mind while using Hot or Not platform is that at times, the markings can get really dirty and you might end up having blistered self-confidence. Thus, it is risky in a certain way, although Parental Supervision is not needed.

To add up the feathers in the Crown of Hot or Not, the platform has led to the creation of various social media giants like Facebook and YouTube. But interestingly, as the original song remains evergreen, the cries for Hot or Not stayed the same. S[peaking of the present times, Hot or Not has approximately 10 million users in the United States alone and the number in itself speaks tons about the favor it has. The updated Hot or Not will be available to a wider spectrum of users and the feasible languages will also be more.

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