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Microsoft, Apple and others stand against US snooping overseas

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) along with other four large companies of the United States are now thinking of exploiting the Manhattan court case, to establish a boundary line in the cloud, stating that US government has no legal authorities to snoop into the user data stored outside the zone of the country.google-secret-data-centre-iowa

US Companies which are in the line of hosting services over internet and selling their remote data storage, under the broader concept of “cloud computing” can lose billions of dollars in business if their emails and other valuable files comes to the US snooping.


The concerned lawyers of the companies are now blaming on the idea stocked by former NSA system analyst Edward Snowden’s revelations held during the last year. The US government and the intelligence agencies are now regularly and unprejudiced to collect the store huge amounts of data from phone calls and internet communications.

Surprisingly, during the month of April again, the Manhattan magistrate judge came to an opinion that the legalized verdict of the government may order to comply with the serious search warrant for the sort of consumer email account formed in the stores in Dublin at Ireland.

Besides the vice-president from the Microsoft mentioned in a court document that the company offers the cloud services in more than 100 countries. These services include the email, calendar entries, and documents in a data center so that customers can look up for the easier and cost-effective access. It is crucial to know that Microsoft maintains the data services across worldwide, such as United States, Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan and Brazil etc.

In the same line, the software giant says that in court papers this month, the government is now threatens to rewrite the Constitution’s protections against the sinister search and reduced the privacy protection.

“Over the course of the past year, Microsoft and other US technology companies have faced growing mistrust and concern about their ability to protect the privacy of personal information located outside the United States,” Microsoft said. “The government’s position in this case further erodes that trust, and will ultimately erode the leadership of US technology companies in the global market.”

Meanwhile, Google and other big technology firms such as Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo are increasing their security, strengthening their defenses and encryption level, making it hard and expensive to be breached by NSA and other government-funded spy agencies.

In last December, Microsoft has also announced the plans to strengthen encryption of users information in data centers and hopes to compete the project by 2014.

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