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AT&T to excusively carry Amazon Smartphone

Tomorrow is the day when we will see a new Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) smartphone in a dedicated launch event by the company and we have got something about the company’s plans. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Amazon smartphone will be initially available in United States and that too, exclusively for AT&T subscribers.amazon-smartphone-launch

According to the source familiar with the plans, AT&T to carry the Amazon Kindle phone during the launch, and off course, for few more months.


This isn’t surprising, as we have already had the rumor round-ups, where we mentioned that Amazon will be providing its own data plan to its customers, by partnering with AT&T. On Wednesday, you will also witness the announcement of a dedicated data plan by Amazon along with the smartphone launch.

Amazon smartphone to come with a unique 3D user interface that displays everything straight in all angles, thanks to the dedicated built-in front sensors. But, it wouldn’t complete the task for Amazon as the mobile market has huge players and heavy competition among the players and their technologies. Hence, the attractive Amazon data plan with AT&T would do the magic for the company, which could add some billions of revenue to its earnings this year.

To play it safe, Amazon has also said that its Android Appstore app counts tripled and also pointed that the developers are happy with their success. This announcement came just few days before the launch date, which means, Amazon is looking to increase the consumer trust and hype the devices’ sale during the launch days. Once it sells millions of smartphones in its initial days, then it knows how to keep up to the promise.


As of now, Apple and Samsung leads the smartphone market with over 45 percent of global market share, combined. In few months, we will be witnessing the next-gen Apple iPhone entering into the market, with new attractive features as well.

It will be not a surprise, if Amazon adds a Mayday button inheriting from its recent Kindle Fire HDX tablet. Amazon has recently announced that its Mayday button was responsible for its tablets’ high-sales.

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