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Amazon triples App Store with happy developers but still lags Play Store

Well, all the people from the sphere of electronic media and smart gadgets are well aware of the fact that Amazon has done literal wonders to the act of making tablets. The Kindle Fire HDX tablets are one of the best when it comes to quality of both hardware and software. In such a situation, the most expected segment is that Amazon Android devices will see great rise in sales, but the story is just a bit different. In spite of the fact that Amazon has literally tripled the number of applications that they have in their store, the name Google Play Store really haunts them.

Amazon triples App Store with happy developers but still lags Play Store


Amazon has already showed its caliber when it comes to making Android devices. The hardware on offer is one of the literal bests in the business. The company has also shown the signs that end up stating that Amazon is certainly looking for improvements in this sphere. But the astonishing turn of event is that in spite of nearly tripling the number of applications in the store for the users, Amazon has not yet yielded the results. The user references received from Amazon Store shows that although the store is very much similar and packed with applications for various types of Android users, Play Store leads the way.

There is a big ‘but’ in the story. Although, the favors for Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store is much more in the respective zones of production and usage, Amazon probably has the most efficient revenue system. According to the survey that was recently conducted, the developers of Amazon Kindle Fire platform are generating revenue at a better rate than other platforms. The survey has also stated that with the sphere of development under Kindle Fire platform is better that most of the other platforms. Thus, this is the main reason developers are keener to look forward to make better applications and games for Kindle Fire Platform.

According to the experts in the genre, the fact that the developers are happy with Kindle’s revenue generation means that the quality of work put in will be better. In turn with better quality work, the Amazon Store might just experience a better response from the variety of users who presently turn to other platforms. To add to it, the doubts also stay as the users who are more accustomed to make the initial search on Google will always find Google’s applications on the first place.

Considering all the facts and arguments, if it were me I would certainly think again before I actually turn up to Amazon Store where I might have to pay for the applications. Thus, in spite of adding a huge number of applications; Amazon seems to be in need to sort out a few  things.

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