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Portland likely to get Google Fiber before New York

Portland is expected to get Google’s high-speed fiber connectivity in the near future as the country’s commissioners cleared a 29-page franchise agreement between Google Fiber and the city.google-fiber-speedtest

Google will decide upon its entry into Portland by evaluating the accessibility of utility poles, topography and local regulations by the end of 2014. The company will also take a decision based on feasibility of the 10-year venture as Google plans to invest $300 million in the venture. Portland is a part of Google’s expansion project involving 34 cities and the country was the fastest in getting to this stage.


The Google Fiber service will be provided to certain neighborhoods in the form of “Fiberhoods” based on the number of subscriptions. Google will set up about 15 “Fiberhuts” and 200 utility cabinets for residents to provide the high-speed service. Portland has altered its laws for Google to set up these utility cabinets in certain areas. Google will offer speeds from 5MB per second plan after a $300 installation fee. The company will offer the much popular plans where one gigabyte can be downloaded in less than 9 seconds.

Five cities namely Gresham, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Beaverton and Hillsboro are in talks with Google for the service. Google will be providing free connectivity to non-profit organisations and will set up free Wi-Fi networks in some parts of Portland.

Google is expected to take forward the project as the city cleared the legal process for Google. Google has also announced plans to expand its service into cities like Atlanta, North Carolina, Tennessee, San Antonio and Salt Lake City.

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