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Buzz grows as Amazon’s Smartphone launch nears

Amazon is all set to unveil its smartphone on June 18 as consumers await the launch of the phone that leaked online with high expectations. Amazon will also unveil its own data plan, which is said to play a crucial role in the success of the device sales, especially in United States.amazon-smartphone-kindle-phone

The smartphone is said to feature 3D technology that can deliver 3D images without glasses by utilizing the cameras that can track position of users eyes. Amazon has invested billions of dollars for developing tablets, creating warehouses for faster shipping and creating and licensing media content for its own devices and has developed its own smartphone. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is expected to unveil the smartphone at the event.


The smartphone has an interface like Windows 8 Live tiles and is rumored to include finger-tracking technology similar to the Leap Motion controller that uses infrared cameras. According to leaked images, the smartphone will feature a 4.7-inch screen with a 720p resolution and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The device comes with 3D eye-tracking interface. The front facing camera of device tracks user’s eye to give 3D effects of UI on device. The 3D user interface will adjust as per choice of user but 3d effects is only seen by primary user. It is also featuring Image Recognition Tool which will help user to match the photos to amazon store to buy an item. The image does not reply upon Barcode scanning but the Image Recognition Tool match items with real picture.

The Amazon phone can be a worthy rival to Apple and Samsung if the company proves itself through the unique 3D holographic display. Amazon has released a teaser video for the upcoming device where a woman mentions “it’s moving with me, its very real life and I have never seen anything in my life”. The Amazon phone will be unveiled by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on June 18 at a Seattle event has started offering invitations to developers.

The smartphone is likely to have a competitive price as Amazon will focus on revenue generation through media content, cloud storage and services. Amazon is also known for its expertise in quick service and providing solid e-book readers and tablets and is venturing into the growing smartphone market. Amazon which has access to more than 250 million customers which is an added advantage for the company to sell the upcoming smartphone without any middlemen and offer features with the Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon’s success of the smartphone will greatly depend on its unique 3D technology feature that can compete with the features of latest smartphones in the market. More details of the smartphone will be revealed after its launch on Wednesday.

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