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Report: Iraq to block all Social Media

Now the social media is again on the target by Iraqian government. Social media website for example, Facebook and Twitter is soon going to get blocked in entire Iraq. The idea behind the decision is that the nation wants to stop the militant activities.  However, nothing very strong coming out at this front, but as Kuwait News Agency reports, the Iraqi government is going to block the several website and the social media services, giving the authentic  source of the citation from Iraqi Ministry of communications.iraq-bans-social-media

The concerns given in this regard by government is that to the curb the militants which is almost inspired by the Middle East countries to block the Internet access. Islamic militants have not hesitated in the blocking the use of internet for the sake to stopping the terrorism in the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. The idea has been recently posted by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in a gruesome 61-minute video showing “the militants knocking on the door of a Sunni police major, blindfolding and beheading him”.


A Facebook personnel told the TIMES that they now into the matters. The concerned person reported that they are absolutely stirred by the news and are minutely investigating the matter. When it comes to limiting the access of the Internet services, obviously the communication and commerce for millions of people will be blocked.

Twitter has also said that Iraq users are reporting issues with the Twitter account. The administration is looking into the matter and believes in sorting out the matter quickly. Google owns the YouTube, and said that they are looking in the matter about the disruptions in the country. The administrations said that

We are looking in the matter as people are not able to access YouTube in Iraq. However there is no technical issues but they are looking in the matter. Google has also come out with the transparency report disruptions currently.

The Guardian reporter from the Middle East tweeted Friday says “Facebook is blocked in Iraq”. The Govt. fears that it is being used by the #ISIS (Via Twitter/@martinchulov).

A Huffington Post blogger says that whoever is unable to access the Facebook’s account getting the prompt message of getting it blocked by the Iraqi Ministry of Communications. (Via Twitter@ RuwaydaMustafah)

Right now the action is much on the northern zone of Iraq but now it is heading towards Baghdad. (Via CNN)

Definitely, it is tough to see Iraq in such difficult situation of being cut off from the global community.

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