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Sony provides an experience of Project Morpheus at E3

Sony’s Project Morpheus, a virtual reality headset and a rival to Facebook’s Oculus Rift was the main highlight when developers were offered a hands-on experience at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2014).sony-project-morpheus-VR-headset

Sony has been working on Project Morpheus in such a way that it can be not only for games but also for short escapes from the real world. Sony will use the virtual headset for watching sports, for taking classes and making he experiences more real. Developers who are using Facebook’s Oculus Rift have found numerous scope for the virtual headset though the primary use is gaming.


Shawn Layden, CEO of Sony America said in a statement:

“We think that’s going to take the whole gaming experience to a new level and allow people to really immerse themselves in their 360 world of gaming.”

Sony’s Project Morpheus and Facebook’s Occulus Rift haven’t announced the launch date or the price of the headset. Layden mentioned that the company had to work on the headset before launching the device. Sony announced two new game demos on Monday night for the virtual realty headset.

Sony is set to take advantage of Microsoft’s absence in the virtual headset market by the launch of its first PlayStation 4 game called The Assembly. The game is completely developed for Morpheus and is set in a fictitious world where scientists experiment with humans using animal parts. Morpheus is compatible with the PS4 and has a solid hardware while Facebook’s Oculus Rift has to be connected to a high-end PC. Sony and Oculus have partnered to improve the virtual reality experience but both will be incompatible as they use different software applications.

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Watch the video of Sony’s Project Morpheus Virtual Reality Headset hand-on by Tested:

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