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Intel loses 5 year battle with AMD worth over billion euros

Intel will have to shell out $1.44 billion fine after the General court supported European Commission’s 2009 verdict regarding antitrust case in Europe.intel-building-europe

European Union has been increasingly cracking down on antitrust violations and found Intel guilty of blocking AMD by taking advantage of its dominant position in the market. The commission has also found Intel guilty as the company was providing rebated to Dell, HP and Lenovo for acquiring chips. AMD products from Dell, HP, and Lenovo were paid by Intel in an effort to block AMD products from entering the market.


“The commission demonstrated the requisite legal standard that Intel attempted to conceal the anti-competitive nature of practices and implemented a long-term comprehensive strategy to foreclose AMD from the strategically most important sales channels,” the court said.

Earlier, the case was delayed as Intel appealed against the huge sum of the fine and the court’s decision. The European Union commission also mentioned about Intel’s involvement with a German retail chain Media Saturn Holding to stock only computers with Intel chips. However the General court told Intel that the imposed fine was low as the company will need to pay only 4.15 percent of the total turnover. The court has the power to impose a fine of up to 10 percent of a total turnover of a company.

Intel mentioned that it “is very disappointed” by the decision. Intel has a final chance to file an appeal with the European Court of Justice while its is studying the court latest verdict. the company stated that the fine is not going to have any effect on their business and it is expected that Intel is likely to end the battle by paying the fine.

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