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Google I/O will witness new wearables with Google Fit

As the reports are coming regarding Google Fit platform to aggregate health and fitness data, either on inbuilt software on Android or as a separate application, there will be a new wearable device to get launched on the same day at upcoming Google I/O conference on June 25-26.fitness-tracker

When Google launched the Android Wear operating system for wearable computing devices such as smartbands and smartwatches, LG and Motorola had also unveiled their smartwatchesLG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360. The search engine giant had also mentioned that it’s working with many other device-makers such as Asus, Samsung and HTC on wearable products running on the same new OS.


It’s unclear whether Google will launch a separate application as Google Fit or integrate the fitness data aggregator application into its mobile operating systems, including Android and Android Wear. But, we can expect the integration of Google Fit in both the platforms – Android Wear to collect the data and Android to aggregate it.

Samsung also has its own plans related to the health-tracker aggregator software and it has recently launched a health platform SAMI. Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions (SAMI) will be such an open source software which will allow the storage of all he critical issues related to health. So, it’s hard to tell whether Samsung would be interested in launching its next set of wearables at Google I/O or not.

Now remains HTC and ASUS. What would you expect? Can we see HTC wearable or ASUS fitness trackers to be unveiled along with the Google Fit running on Android Wear platform?

As always does, Google gives heavy fight back to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference at its Google I/O conference for developers. As Apple unveiled its health data aggregator platform Healthkit, it’s more likely that Google Fit becomes a reality. Meanwhile, Apple integrated HealthKit into its next-gen iOS 8 operating system, which also allows iOS developers to develop applications that can pull health data from Apple wearables as well as third-party devices, including Android.

This is not the first time Google trying to enter the health sector. Back in 2008, Google launched Google Health as a health data aggregation service, not for wearables, but as a medical records storage on behalf of patients. However, the things hadn’t went well with Google as neither healthcare providers took interest in Google Health, nor patients. So, Google shuts down the service in 2011, after 3 years of launch.

This time, the thing would be easier for Google to store user-health data as everything would be synchronized automatically from users’ wearable devices such as Nike FuelBands, Fitbits, Jawbone UPs, Samsung Simbands and other similar fitness tracking gadgets.

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