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Twitter updates Android & iOS apps with tweet embedding feature

Tweeting is not just a thing of social interaction nowadays. With everyday that goes, the world of Twitter has just gone better and wider. Interestingly, in the present state you can connect to anybody you want to in case you are on Twitter. According to the latest update that has been thrown in by Twitter, the users can embed any of their previous tweets in his present one as well. Now as much as I am aware with the working sphere to Twitter, this might just lead to some interesting turn of events.

The best feature about Twitter is the fact that there is no nagging link ups with respect to creating connections. You can simply follow, reply and communicate. There are basically no hassles of maintaining the profile.


The very fact that Twitter allows you to speak your mind has resulted in many controversies as well. According to the experts, the fact that you do not need to retweet some post will certainly make the act of operation on Twitter much easier.

But there are some interesting questions that need answer as well. The fact that Twitter has not officially announced the addition does pose a serious question on the update itself.

There are even rumors about the fact that Twitter might just be launching he feature for a temporary testing process. In one place where users seem to be excited about the new update, there are some serious doubts in relation to the matter as well.


Latest updated Twitter apps available: App Store | Google Play

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