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Powermats at Starbucks, Facebook ad preferences, Tesla open-source patents

Winning the tech headline on this weekend, national rollout of Duracell Powermat wireless charging comes on the side of Starbucks.  Along with the partnership with Duracell, the coffee chain is now going to spread its Powermat services across nation.duracell-powermat

This is an edge to the smartphone users where they can power their device in a known “Powermat Spot”.


This has to be in combination with counters that have a built-in wireless charging conductor. One can find the program in select stores in Boston, and San Jose, pilots in Europe and Asia can be expected with its arrival within the year. Read more here.

CEO Elon Musk makes Tesla patents open for all in ‘good faith’:


Again, another major announcement thrilling the tech world is made by Tesla Motors on Thursday. The company says that it will not file any lawsuits against the firms that are using the patented technology for electric vehicles.

As per CEO Elon Musk, patents sometimes become a sort ofstifle progress, entrench the positions of giant corporations and enrich those in the legal profession”. So, Tesla is updating the system and the Tesla’s car manufacturers are planning to emerge a more systematic EV market. Read more here.

Facebook unveils new ad preferences feature:


The other and the final news say that Facebook is now giving control to the user’s hand over the advertisement they come across. Soon, it is going to start with US social networkers, people who have the choice of removing or adding the interest and giving an aid to the personalize company’s unavoidable marketing.

Facebook may also tap into the user’s web browser history to serve one’s needs in  a better way. Read more here.

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