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TweetDeck Flaw; Exposed by an Australian Teen

Well it is really the high time when various social media platforms should look forward to their security. We have already had a lot of incidents which had exposed the various flaws in the internet and social media. According to the recent turn of events, TweetDeck, which is one of the most favored applications for Twitter among the users was exposed. With this breach of security with TweetDeck, people have already started giving thoughts to the safety of their social profiles.

TweetDeck Flaw; Exposed by an Australian Teen


According to the Reports, an Australian Teen exposed the flaw in TweetDeck. According to him, he did not do it intentionally but while using the application he updates a message and it led to the expose. As a result of the breach in security, the main frame was completely shut down while the company took on the pain of looking out for the bug. Twitter has already handled some other situations earlier in the year. Another flaw exposed has left them in front of some serious questions.

Now the real question that has been striking the people is that what the teen actually did! Well, according to him, he sent out a heart emoticon followed by a code. As a result of the code which behaved like a worm, the heart emoticon was updated as the message by innumerable TweetDeck users.

Although the teen had ensured that the flaw in TweetDeck was notified to twitter, it was too late. By the time, Twitter started fixing the flaw a lot of Twitter accounts had already been hacked. The Australian Teen who exposed the flaw is known as FIRO XI on Twitter. Well for Twitter and TweetDeck, they should thank FIRO as he exposed the flaw. If it were discovered by some Cyber Criminal we would have had another Social Media massacre.

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