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Licensed Taxi Drivers go on strike as Uber claims 850% Growth

The heart of the city of London was forced to a stop when more than 12000 cab drivers kept the keys away from their vehicles. The strike that was forced up on the people of the London city was the result of the clash between the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) and the growing cab renting service Uber.

Licensed Taxi Drivers go on strike as Uber claims 850% Growth


According to the claims made by LTDA, Uber is performing its actions illegally for certain cars. As a result of the strike, the important landmarks like St. James Leicester Square, Piccadilly etc suffered a lot.

According to the Licensed Taxi Drivers Organization, Uber should be banned immediately or farced to change the way they carry out their services. According to LTDA, the fare system is exactly as on the normal Taxi’s. LTDA does not have any issues with Uber using the system of paying for the distance that is travelled for the licensed taxis. The issue for them is the fact that the other vehicles under Uber like UberX, EXEC, etc also follow the same pattern. This is what is illegal.

On the other hand when the Licensed Taxi Drivers Organization was busy enforcing the strike, Uber recorded a 850% growth in the category of new sign ups. According to Jo Bertram, General Manager for Uber App in Britain and Ireland has claimed that the people of London want Uber and it is here to stay. I have been following Uber for quite some time now and one thing is for sure that Uber is certainly on a rise and plans to stay at top for log.

With the truffle between Licensed Taxi Drivers Association and Uber heating up rapidly in UK and Ireland, the front to gain will only be Uber.

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