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Google acquires satellite imaging firm Skybox for $500 million

Google is trying to get a new gem ‘Skybox Imaging’ that could serve as the purpose of launching pad for the Internet organizations. The company’s agenda is to prepare its own fleet of satellites so that it can easily shoot the pictures and ensure the online access to even less reachable areas of the world.skybox-google

This $500 million possession was announced on Tuesday. At the premiere stage goggle is going to enhance the quality and the speed of the satellite imagery used in the digital maps. Google is mapping on the usage of the Skybox’s satellite which is the orbit to supplement of materials. It will license around or more than 1,000 sources including many other satellite like Digital Code and Astrium.


Nevertheless, it is true that Skybox is certainly going to be revolutionary and Google’s another “moonshot”. CEO Larry Page has praised the project enumerating it as an ambitious project which may take several years to materialize. Google is planning to build more satellite that could assimilate the beam of internet access to several zones in the world.

This is also a surge to the Google’s other project “Project Loon” – a project featuring the jelly shaped balloons bearing the antennas to connect Internet to several parts of the world with wireless connectivity. Google being the part of the most popular search engine and email services is typically beneficial to for people online and participate in ad generating business adding the revenue of the $55 billion. Google executives believe in creating the knowledgeable society.

The stretch into satellite is rightly launched after Google Titan Aerospace, for an undisclosed amount. Google have acquired 250 such possessions during the past decade, using them as a database for building new markets including maps and mobile devices. As per frustrated investors, Google has been making venture of billions of dollars exploring the new frontiers of technology, be it experimenting with the driverless cars or robot and the Internet-connected headwear. However, it is must be applauded that Google has its own vision and audacity to live on bold ideas and the lucrative products, bringing on new technological revolution in the world.

As far as Skybox is concerned, it is a 5-year old startup in Mountain view, California located a mile and half right from the Google’s head office in the Silicon Valley city. It will work as additional satellites that can be easier with Google and aerospace industry veteran Tom Ingersoll.

As per the Skybox

“The time is right to join a company who can challenge us to think even bigger and bolder, and who can support us in accelerating our ambitious vision.”

Earlier the skybox had risen about $91 million venture employing 100 people. The deal is still pending with the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and the Federal Communications Commission. Stay tuned for more updates on this story. Have our opinions in the comments field below.

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