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E3 2014: EA unveils beta version of Battlefield Hardline [Video]

Electronic Arts unveiled a beta test for the online version of ‘Battlefield Hardline’  and several game titles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event.Battlefield-Hardline-June-9-Teaser

The upcoming Battlefield Hardline will feature military conflicts in urban locales in the midst of cops and robbers in Los Angeles and Miami. Battlefield Hardline will allow the players to retain cash and levels earned during a round for unlocking weapons and other items. Steve Papoutsis, executive producer mentioned that the beta version of the game will be available on a  “first-come, First-serve basis” for PC and PlayStation 4.


“Battlefield Hardline puts players in the middle of war and allows fans to live out their fantasy of being a cop of criminal,” said EA.

Gamers can sign up for the closed beta version of the game on the Battlefield Hardline website. However the game will be available only to PC users with 64 bit Windows 7 or 8 and PS4 users. Battlefield Hardline will include a new storyline, a reputation system in multiplayer mode and new thematic elements. Each round in Battlefield hadline will have an added variety giving players to build up their offensive and defensive capabilities. The new reputation system in the upcoming game is a is an upgrade to Battlefield 4’s Field Upgrade functions which allows users to make on-the-fly upgrades.

Thad Sasser, lead multiplayer designer at Visceral Games mentioned that he wanted actions online to relate directly to your rewards in the middle of the match. Electronic Arts also unveiled several game titles like FIFA 15, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 4, Madden NFL, UFC and many more during the event. Battlefield Hardline will be released on October 21st. Checkout the trailer of Multiplayer Battlefield Hardline:

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