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Logitech’s Harmony Remotes to control Sonos speakers, Hue Lights

The fact that the universal remotes are literally taking over the most conventional measures of control can easily be proven by the recent updates in the field. Logitech, one of the largest manufacturers of Computer accessories and electronic devices have added a few updates to its Higher End Harmony remotes and Harmony Mobile Application. With the updates, Logitech’s universal remotes and the control application will not keep themselves limited to changing the tracks only.

Logitech's Harmony Remotes to control Sonos speakers, Hue Lights


Wouldn’t it be great if you seriously had a remote control that would allow you to control each and every electronic device in your house? Well although, Technology is certainly not promising it in the present time, but the prospects about it are not very dim. According to the latest updates that were implemented of Logitech’s High End Harmony remotes and Harmony applications, universal remotes are not just meant to change tracks in Music Systems any more. The updates remote control will allow the user to the SONOS playlist such that they can listen to the songs that they want!

Additionally, the High End Harmony remote will also be able to control the Philips’ Hue Lights. Thus this means that no darkness and music of your choice. Interestingly, the Harmony application will also allow the user to search for the music of their choice as well as run a search in Amazon’s Fire TV. Well, as it seems that Logitech’s updated High End Harmony remote might very well end up playing a major role in the market.


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