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UK’s science minister is pacing up to legitimize the driverless cars

Right when Google struggled hard on producing driverless cars, the administration in UK started putting their heads in formulating new rules. David Willets is looking for the solution to autonomous vehicle legislation in Britain.google-driverless-car-prototype

The U.K’s current “Highway Code” is not adequate for the impending arrival of the self-driven cars produced by Google. Willets being the UK ‘s Minister of State for Universities and Science in May 2013, talked more on rewriting the transport laws to allow driverless cars on U.K. roads in Daily Mail.


The Department of Transport has to say that they are “keeping a watchful eye” on such innovations, but one needs a good results of such innovation before rewriting the laws.

The other news flashing in the same line is that Engineers at Oxford University are trying to brew some similar niche of car which Willets assume is going to be cheaper then Google’s avatar. Google’s new self-driving car is behind and lacks many basic features of an auto for example, pedals, mirrors, and a steering wheel.

Astonishingly, Nevada, Florida, California, and Michigan, has already passed the concerned legislation and California is even to begin with handling the driving licenses this fall. However, in the case of Europe, Germany, Spain and Netherlands, the nation has given permission to test the cars on the street.

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