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E3 2014: SteelSeries announces Stratus XL eye tracker

Just a day before E3 extravaganza, SteelSeries announced the Sentry eye tracker which would allow users to play games by tracking eye movements and will be available by the end of the year.



Sentry utlizes the technology from Tobii that tracks eye movements when faced towards the computer screen. The technology will provide a split-second advantage to Sentry eye users when compared with controller and mouse users. Steel and Tobii first unveiled the device at the 2014 International CES in January and will be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this week.

Tino Soelberg, Chief Technological Officer at SteelSeries said in a statement:

“At its core Sentry employs eye-tracking functionality from our partner, Tobii, who has been a pioneer in eye tracking across many industries. When you take that core functionality and apply the deep gaming expertise of SteelSeries, we thanik we are able to offer a product that is innovative and incredibly beneficial to gamers.”

Sentry eye tracker will be a part of latest technology inputs like virtual reality goggles, motion sensors and touch screens. The Sentry eye tracker will have a camera-like device and will detect eyeball movements in three directions for precise tracking of eyeball movements. Tobii has also offered the system for users with disabilities and a Tobii EyeX controller for research of eye movements.

The Sentry eye tracker can track how a person moves the eyes and attention on the screen also known as Fixations Per Minute (FPM). SteelSeries is also said to be working with gaming professionals to deliver high performance and to provide an added advantage over other types of controllers. The Sentry eye tracker could be useful to gamers who are less skillful with the current controllers. However gamers argued that users of this system might have an added advantage over those who do not own the system.

Learn more about the Sentry, here.

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