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Apple adds enterprise-friendly features to iOS 8

Apple has launched iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite at the WWDC event with many new features and it seems the company is trying to build a path towards the enterprise market. Though the Cupertino-based tech giant is number one in consumer tech in US, but it still has to grow in corporate market. However, the new enterprise-focused features can help the company to grow its corporate sales following the inception.ios-8-screenshot-live

As of now, 90 percent of the companies in United States use Apple gadgets, but 40 percent of those companies has less than 100 devices from Apple because of its usability and non-enterprise features. But we could see the changes in coming months as Apple tried to bring in some enterprise features to its software iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite that will be released in this fall and may be, it could add more to its upcoming devices too.


Some of the Corporate-friendly features:

Wi-Fi Calling: With the support of Wi-Fi calling, Apple iPhones with iOS 8 will allow users to make calls using any available Wi-Fi networks that enables the calling availability in those places where users face low signal reception.

Device Enrollment: Apple’s recent introduction of device enrollment program helps companies to get pre-programmed gadgets such as iPhones and iPads, to work with personalized company’s standard settings. Examples: company email setup, calendar setup and security features.

Third-Party Enterprise Apps: With the availability of popular office suits like Microsoft’s Office suit, there is a chance that these companies would chose Apple devices for enterprise use.

Security Passcodes for Apps: Apple introduces the passcodes for specific apps that makes users to not only to lock the iPhones and iPads, but also lock any applications installed on their devices. This will help companies to trust the device with an additional security measure for apps like Mail, Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes or any third-party apps.

Enhanced IT Management Tools: In every update, Apple tried to improve its IT management features on its software, but this time the company has introduced some new features, where the enterprise IT professionals can push specific PDFs and e-books to specific employees of the company, not allowing users to erase their gadgets by locking specific parts, allotment of specific applications to open certain kind of files and more.

QuickType and Third-party Keyboards: Many professionals’ complaint was about the keyboards available on Apple iDevices, but it looks like Apple learnt something from the call and introduces QuickType, which learns from users’ typing habits and predicts the next word user wants to type. These features are also available on some popular Android keyboard apps, but don’t worry, those third-party keyboards will be available for iOS 8 soon as Apple has showed a green signal.

Mail app on iOS 8: The new Mail application that comes with iOS 8 has many enterprise-centric features such as encryption of individual emails using S/MME protocol, mark individual emails as VIP to receive notifications for every conversation in the thread and new swipe gestures to delete/mark as read/archive similar to that of Mailbox app from Dropbox.

What’s your favorite part of these points? Do you want your company to provide you an iPhone or an iPad?

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