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LG Lifeband Touch is good but has to be better

LG Lifeband Touch might just be the one that you need in case you are suffering from disease of a busy schedule. This new smart health tracking device from LG is one of the typical ones in its class. No if you want to know how this typical thing can actually help you well, you will have to use it. The truth is that no matter how many reviews that you read about it or how many videos you watch, you will probably never be able to get hold of the things that you can do with LG Lifeband Touch.

LG Lifeband Touch is good but has to be better


LG Lifeband Touch: The Pros

With the launch of LG Lifeband ouch in the United States last week, I made sure that I order one for myself. LG Lifeband Touch has been priced at $150 and take my word that it is a bit more that what it actually deserves. LG Lifeband Touch is very much like the general health tracking devices that we have in the market.

The heart beat scanner, the fitness trainer and other features are available in majority of the health tracking devices. But what makes LG Lifeband Touch better is the fact that the features are more precise and effective in the way they act. The band will constantly keep you informed about what you have achieved in your training period.

Although it might just be a bit nagging initially, but with time you will feel the effectiveness. The band will also let you know when someone calls you or you receive a notification. The best thing is that the battery is as effective as promised. In my case it ran as long as for 5 day with the initial full charge.

LG Lifeband Touch: The Cons

Although I liked the device for certain reasons, but still there are many flaws that keeps LG Lifeband Touch out of the list of great devices. The fact that it informs you about the call is good but you cannot pick up the call. The worst thing is the screen which has very poor visibility in sunlight. To add to it the size is too small to make clear touch generated actions. Plus as I said, the repeated vibrations and notifications about your achievements can at times be really disturbing.

LG Lifeband Touch was launched in the United States last week and LG is looking forward to launch in the Indian Subcontinent and other regions in the recent weeks to come. Speaking without any bias, LG Lifeband Touch at $150 is not the one to go for.

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