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Consumers says ‘NO’ to attempts to wreck net neutrality

Internet services on mobile are becoming popular and people are quite crazy about it. The reason could be anything right from prolonged log in to social media or for the other business purposes. However, a recent proposal by the Telecom operators, seeking ample opportunity to commercialize internet services on mobile phones has set a huge debate between the internet proponents and public.protect-open-internet

This move towards the regulation of internet has raised issues on the overall impact on the cellphone users on the both fronts of money as well as net neutrality. Reports suggest that the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has figured a new intervention to find the revenue sharing arrangement and thinking about the formulation of regulation between internet users and the telecom companies. Consumer groups have retorted sharing on this, saying that the move seems to be highly anti-consumer.


Ashim Sanyal COO Voice (Voluntary Organization in Interest of Consumer Education), a consumer forum for telecom sector, said:

“The proposal is detrimental for the consumer and we won’t support it. The COAI’s view says that if the rules are implemented then it may adversely influence net neutrality and will foray revenue generation which will be dangerous on the consumers part.”

Net neutrality means, major internet service providers and government must consider all the data on the equal platform without discriminating on the user’s basis, content, site, platform, and application, type of equipment on which internet is accessed and the modes of communication.

Nevertheless, supporters of Net neutrality are thinking it a sheer imposture of tiered service model in order to monitor and thereby eliminate the competition, promotion the short-term of fake scarcity in the market and make the subscribers to go for the in-competitive services.

Many customers and supporters believe that net neutrality is crucial as it is important to manage the preserve the facility and ensure that there is an equal treatment of the data and carry on their business without any hassle from the third-party. A closed internet facility would restrict the access, and somewhere down the line it will degrade the services.

To add, as per the industry estimates, the graph of 277 million smartphones users may raise from 2012 to 1.3 billion in 2006. In the year 2012, the global smartphones users were only around 20% of the internet consumption, whereas, it is assumed that the figure will reach to 45%.  In the list of top users, mobile subscription base may be expected to fluctuate from 2% to 18% by 2016.

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