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Google gears up to acquire Songza for $15 million

Now it is literally very clear that Google is all set to mark its name on everything that comes in its way. Well, with the deal struck between Apple and Beats, the rumors were gearing up speaking about what will be Google’s next step. And here we are when Google is setting itself up to acquire Songza. There were even talks about the fact that Google has still not made any real marks on music streaming division of the Internet media. The news of Google looking forward to set up a deal with Songza for $15 million has silenced all the previous rumors and in turn has initiated quite a few.

Google gears up to acquire music streaming service Songza


Music streaming is certainly one of the main regions that attracts a lot of viewers. Speaking of simple facts, music streaming giants like Spotify and Pandora have approximately 24 million and 77 million real and active users. Compared to these statistics, although Songza is nothing but the 6 year old music streaming service has about 5.5 million active users and shows potential for great prospects as well. Speaking of position, it will not be wrong to say that Songza finds itself at the third position when it comes to music curation services.

What makes Songza Google’s choice?

We all know that with the wealth that Google can put in, it is quite a different scenario where Google is looking forward to a small service like Songza. The question might also come to you as in my case that what has made Google take this decision? Well according to the users, Songza is one of the best services that play music depending on the mood that you are in.

The set of tracks are decided based of algorithms that defines your current mood. Now this is really interesting. Both Spotify and Pandora also do similar sort of segregation but with Songza the precision is perfect. This might very well be the reason why Google has set its eyes on the music streaming organization.

Presently Google provides music streaming services through various radio frequencies but the area of experimentation and improvement is much less in this method. With Songza, Google will be able to put in its methods and will look forward to make better arrangements. It is quite certain that the scope of development and improvement is much greater with Google and Songza together.

In order to attain the deal, Google has offered Songza $15 million which is way less than that of Spotify ($4 billion valuation) and Pandora ($5 billion valuation). What will be more interesting to see is how Songza actually reacts to the offer by Google.

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