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Gold iPhone option will be named as Elegant – gold tone

Apple will be adding new color to the iPhone color palette, which is gold and will be named as “Elegant” gold tone. The rumor was spreading that the new color option will be available only for iPhone 5S and it is reported that the Elegant Gold color will be available in iPhone 5 too. According to AllthingsD the new colored smartphone will be having a white front side face, light gold toned back panel and shining edge as it comes in jewels.



Many experts noted that the new color option for Apple is easier than any other color as the gold color is very easy to anodize and it is technologically easier. As many customers are buying iPhone as a luxury handset, the company is trying to grab even more luxury goods market. Remember, the Kings and Arabs holding the gold phones! Now, even a normal consumer also can buy this luxury looking smartphone. Do you know – Emirates Hotel in Dubai, is providing gold iPads for travel information, menus etc for it’s customers? Actually those are made of pure gold and it’s custom made by the third party company for Emirates Hotels.

This news is being treated as breaking news rather than just a rumor. It’s not only us, even Techcrunch, iMore and 9to5Mac also reported on the Goldfinger iPhone!

Apart from the color option, the iPhone 5S will be having some changes than it’s predecessor – Changed Home button (middle button), fingerprint scanner on the home button, latest iOS 7, and some more software improvements. We haven’t received any report about the camera – whether it’s 8MP or 12MP yet. But this handset will definitely make an impact in the Luxury Goods market such as Gulf countries and China! What is your opinion on this new trend-setter handset?

More leaked/rumored/created photos of Gold iPhone:

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