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Apple’s iWatch smartwatch to be launched in October

Apple is expected to launch its smartwatch in October and will produce 3 million to 5 million devices in a month, according to industry sources.

Apple iWatch concept
Apple iWatch concept

The wearable device will feature a OLED display and inbuilt sensors and will have a “sleek” and “Aerodynamic” design. Health data will be complied by monitoring sleep, calorie consumption and sleep activity as reported by a Japanese news service.  The smartwatch will have a centralized function to manage users biometric information and will run on iOS 8. Apple has declined to comment on the reports.


Users of the wearable device will be able to read messages sent from smartphones. Several sensors on the band of the watch will monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse rate and oxygen levels. The device will sync with Apple’s new HealthKit platform which can send compiled data to doctors real-time. The report also mentioned that Apple is working with Mayo Clinic to develop a new wearable device.

Apple will also look forward to increase its stock market value with the introduction of a new device. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also promised “new product categories in 2014” as the company failed to bring in any new category of product last year. The company aims to produce 3 to 5 million units in the first month.

With the release of the smartwatch Apple will enter into the growing market of wearable devices. Samsung had recently released Galaxy Gear Fit which is also a health related wearable device. Samsung could face competition from Apple’s smartwatch as the device would boast a superior design and innovative features.

We have tried our best to gather rumors and speculations about Apple iWatch, if you have plenty of time, just go through the report once. As Apple fanboys, we have to rely on such rumors and speculations until the real product comes out of the factory. Stay tuned for more updates on this story. Please post your valuable opinions in the comments form below.

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