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Tetris turns 30; to be launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Most popular and the Guinness Records holder game Tetris turns 30 today as it was launched in 1984 in Russia. And to mark the victory celebration, Tetris is partnering with Ubisoft to launch the new multiplayer version of game Tetris Ultimate on Microsoft’s latest Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming consoles soon.tetris-ultimate-online-gaming

Alexey Pajitnov of Soviet Academy of Sciences developed the game in 1984 for rack-mounted Elektronika 60 CPU by outputting via famed blocks out of ASCII characters, without any graphics support. The developer gained all the rights 12 years after launching the game, in 1996, this is when he formed the Tetris company to become the sole source for all licensing of the game title.


The current developers worked with the original developer Pajitnov to create the Tetris Ultimate game and the game will bbe having many modes such as Battle, Power-Up Battle, Sprint, Ultra, Endless and Marathon mode to play online. We can expect more accurate details of the game during next week’s E3 gaming conference.

The game went popular when another programmer called Vadim Gerasimov developed the game with a combination of tetromino and tennis to the IBM PC in 1985 and the game was the super duper hit, during the time. 2 years later, the game was debuted in North American PCs and then onwards, it never looked back.

Tetris was in top of many best games lists and it’s estimated to sold over 170 million copies so far and interestingly, over 100 million games are downloaded on mobile devices.

The developer would have become much richer, if he licensed the game title in his name, right at the launch time, but I believe he wasn’t sure about the amount of success it has got in no time. In 1989 the game license went from Video game designer and publisher Henk Rogers to Nintendo and the company launched Gameboy Tetris to sell over 35 million copies of the game.

In the year 2000, the game entered into handheld devices and reached much more hands. You could read the whole story with timeline on its official 30th anniversary page.

Recently, in April 2014, Tetris game was played on Philadelphia’s 437-foot skyscraper ‘Cira Centre’ via 1,400 LED lights placed on the south and north sides of the 29-story building, where 2 players could enjoy the challenge game in the largest display!

And if you want to know more about Ubisoft’s Tetris Ultimate game, visit this page.

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