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Seagate’s LaCie Rugged SSD Drives gets an update

The space crunch in the modern-day electronic media is quite a big issue nowadays. Thus as a part of the common reference people are always looking forward to better storage facilities. Along with the space, the effectiveness of the external drive is also taken into consideration seriously. If you can have extra measures of protection and other facilities, the general trend is that the users are attracted towards it. LaCie is also expecting the same response from the market with the launch of their new and updated Rugged Drives.

LaCie Rugged Drives gets an update


Although according to the trend, the Rugged Drives have not had a craze in the market, but LaCie expects the tables to turn with LaCie Rugged Thunder bolt. One of the main reasons that have not allowed the growth of Rugged Drives is the high capacity of the SSD’s. But in order to combat the growing favor of SSD, LaCie the first version of LaCie Rugged Thunder bolt (SSD) with 120 GB space. Since then LaCie has made it quite clear that they are in here for the longer run. Along the journey in the past two years, LaCie has ensured that LaCie Rugged Thunder bolt does not stop at 120 GB only. Instead, they have taken on the ventures of 500 B and 1TB as well.

According to reports, LaCie Rugged Thunder bolt is expected to be coming out with a 2TB space size. A storage device with 2TB space available is literally all any user wants. You can easily take in all the data that you need to put in your back up section easily. In addition there are more features that come with the updated LaCie Rugged Thunder bolt.

The drive is packed in Orange bumper that will protect the drive from a fall of around 6.6 feet on a concrete base. So as much for external protection, LaCie has also taken care of the fact that you do not need to buy an external cable as the cable is already attached to the drive. According to the claims from LaCie, The SSD drives are expected to have transfer speeds of around 350 Mbps and the transfer rate for Hard Drives will be around 100 MBps.

The updated versions of LaCie Rugged Thunder bolt will be available for the people o buy from the month of June. LaCie is expected to price 1TB HDD at $219.99 and 2TB at $299.99. The pricing for SSD models is expected to be $299.99 for 250 GB and $499.99 for 500 GB. LaCie has made no official statements for SSD models with more storage.

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