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Softbank’s Pepper robot with emotions defies laws of Robotics

If you are well versed with the laws of Robotics, you will surely be shocked to hear that SoftBank’s recent addition to the list of Robots. In a recent press conference, SoftBank unveiled their recent robot named Pepper who is after all human like when it comes to having emotions. Well, let us be clear in the words, SoftBanks Robot Pepper is said to have emotions similar to that we experience in our daily lives. The news was really shocking for many people as the rules of Robotics do not allow the scope of emotions.

Pepper defies laws of Robotics; has emotions


In a press conference that was concluded on Thursday in Japan, Masayoshi Son, the chairman and CEO of SoftBank organized out first meeting with Pepper. According to Mr. Son, Pepper has been designed in such a way that it can cooperate with the customers in the marketing field. Speaking directly about the point of production of Pepper, Mr. Son said that the addition of Pepper will add a completely different boost to the market. People will find themselves attached to Pepper and thus there will be growth in all the sectors.

In spite of the fact that Pepper is not yet completely ready, SoftBank gave us a good sneak peek into the robot. Pepper will be essentially built with a height of a meager 4 feet and will have an extremely affectionate looks about it. The large eyes with a shine and gloss will make you feel that yes, Pepper is certainly up to thing in the cores. The weight of Pepper is expected to be around 61 pounds. As a matter of fact, Pepper is still on the road of completion and thus it will be wrong to comment on her abilities now.

According to the reports further released, SoftBank states that Pepper will be a Robot with an engine of emotions. Although it will run of Integrated Chips and processors, the emotions around Pepper will look surreal. Pepper has specialized hands and uses touch technology for various efforts. Pepper will also have a 10 inch tablet attached on her chest. The legs have been replaced by wheels which can pick up the speed of up to 2 miles per hour.

In the press conference, SoftBank made sure that they did a small presentation of pepper. Although the laws of Robotics do not allow for the existence of emotions in Robots, but Pepper is just a different kind. The robot is expected to be sold at $2000 once it is released for the people.

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