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HP unveils HP Pro x2 612 laptop-hybrid and Elitebook series

HP unveiled the HP Pro x2 612, a laptop-tablet hybrid along with several other products at the Computex 2014 tech show and will be available in September. The company has also unveiled Elitebook series of laptops as well as Eitedesk series of Microtower PCs.hp-pro-x2-612

The HP Pro x2 612 will be powered by Intel i3 or i5 processors with Intel vPro technology for added security. The device will feature a 12.5 display with a HD or full HD screen. An innovative feature is the powered keyboard when gives the tablet 14 hours of battery when the keyboard is also used. However the HP Pro 612 tablet does not have the powered keyboard technology and provides 8 hours of battery life.


The power keyboard is spill resistant, backlit with a touch pad and HP has provided Travel keyboard option for users who travel often. The light-weight Travel Keyboard will not require a battery and will include an audio jack, USB 3.0 port and a kickstand.

“HP has mobility strategy. Two of the pillars are notebook replacements and optimizing workflows with a strong focus on vertical opportunities. Those pillars will be built primarily around tablets. We see this as a new category, a very strong area of growth and we do intend to provide a lot of strong leadership in this category,” said Daron Chalk, Worldwide Category Manager at HP.

The HP Pro x2 612 and HP Pro 612 will include digitizer pen and can run Windows 8.1 though Windows 7 is supported. Other features include dual HD webcams, 3G or LTE options, USB 3.0 port, a Micro SD card reader and a Micro SIM card reader. HP has provided several services like HP Client Security, HP  Sure Start, HP BIOS, a smart card reader, TPM and fingerprint scanner.

HP unveiled several products like the HP 700 series powered by AMD and Intel. The HP 700 series powered by AMD are HP Elitebook 725 with 12.5-inch with HD or FHD optional touchscreen and an optional LTE offering, HP Elitebook 745 with 14-inch HD, HD+ or FHD display and HP Elitebook 755 with 15.6-inch HD,HD+ or FHD display with integrated AMD Radeon graphics.


The HP Elitebook 700 series with Intel chipset are HP Elitebook 720 with HD or HD Premium display and this laptop has a powerful battery. The HP Elitebook  740 has HD, HD+, HD touch or FHD display choices. The HP Elitebook 750 has a thin build and features a 15-inch display with HD, HD Touch or FHD and will deliver high performance.

HP also announced Elitebook 700 series for desktop PC’s, the HP EliteOne 700 which is powered by AMD Pro A-series with AMD Radeon graphics and a 23-inch diagonal full HD IPS display and users have option to increase productivity by adding up to thee external displays. The HP Elitebook 700 is will be available with different configurations and will be released in July. The HP Elitedesk Microtower PC will feature a small factor design and has an integrated wireless antenna and price will be announced on its release.

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