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AMD all set to bring in better gaming experience with Kaveri

According the recent announcements made by AMD on Tuesday, the company is looking forward to bring in better processors for the mobile platform. This is in turn quite interesting as the company has already started production of modest gaming processors and made it available in the market since January. Addition of the series of processors for the mobile will constitute the ones from the Kaveri series. Right from the launch of the AMD Kaveri processors, the systems have been said to have better quality gaming experience and with improved video viewing facility. The sound systems have also improved greatly. But the truth is that, Kaveri has just been successful on Personal Computers and Laptops. We are actually yet to see its application on mobile platform.amd-logo-design

Along with the statement on Kaveri Processors on mobile, AMD also announced a series of Gaming friendly processors and another series for the pro users. According the statement released by AMD, the gaming friendly series will see to that the gamers find it more entertaining. And for the ones with modest experience till date will develop a new sense of wish to be on the virtual gaming world.


Now for the Pro users, they have always complained about the efficiency of normal processors, the hang ups, etc. The issues have tormented both Intel and AMD as well. So t bring in some amount of peace, AMD has promised a series of processors which will provide better presentation to the workload that the proactive users look forward to put on the systems.

All of this is absolutely fine. But just like what I am thinking, many other experts are also thinking the same way. Will AMD be able to put in the deeds required to stand by their statements. Let us take a look what are the points where do the proposed processors by AMD stand in against the Intel mid range processors.

AMD Vs Intel: Budget

Till date if we take a quick look at the market, it is simple and quite evidently seen that Intel had majority of the share in the field owing to the medium range budget that they have. According to the statements, AMD will be launching processors with pricing near about the same. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that AMD will be pitted against the runners in the field.

AMD is better with entertainment

This is quite undoubted. According to the user reviews and specification of the MAD processors till date, AMD has always had an upper hand in the sector of gaming and entertainment potentially AMD has greater prospects in this field against Intel but at a budget, AMD will be tested

Now if your mind is clouded with doubts, you will have to wait will AMD launches anyone of the promised offerings. Unless someone uses, it will be unfair to comment.

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