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Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker mastermind pinned down

So at last it some news to breathe a sigh of relief. The United States government along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation has sealed down of the alleged man behind the malware Gameover Botnet. In recent release of reports by the United States Government, the master mind behind the Gameover Zeus Botnet and Cryptolocker ransomware has been pinned down!

Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker mastermind pinned down


Let us first take a dig at what is Gameover Zeus Botnet and Cryptolocker ransomware. Speaki in a very true sense, both Gameover Zeus Botnet and Cryptolocker ransomware are malwares. Gameover Zeus is a typical peer to peer malware but in the context of the built it is highly sophisticated. The malware has been designed in such a way that it can automatically implant itself in your system and encrypt all the important credentials that you have in store.

Once that has happened, without your knowledge you computer has turned into a botnet. Now if you are asking what a botnet is, then be assured that if your PC is already a botnet then your PC is already a part of the huge network of cyber crime. A botnet is used by cyber criminals to filer spoofing mails and various other sorts of illegal things such that the cops cannot track back to the source. Gameover Zeus is one such powerful malware that can easily convert your PC into a botnet. Gameover Zeus emerged on the scene back in sometime around 2011.

Compared to Gameover botnet, Cryptolocker is much more dangerous. This malware appeared on the scene in the year 2013 and literally caused havoc among more 200000 systems. Cryptolocker encrypts all the important data that you have in your PC and stores it into a password protected file. The design of the Cryptolocker is such that no code breaker has been able to unlock the file till date. Once you have your system shut down literally, you will be demanded with ransom as high as $600 or more in order to get the key to unlock your data. Considering the fact that the two malwares were spreading more rapidly than ever, a multi-nation effort was put in pin down the master mind behind the two.


With joint efforts from various nations, the mastermind behind the malwares; Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker was taking in by the Federal Grand Jury in Pittsburg. According to the reports, the 30-year-old Russian Bogachev has been termed with accusations like conspiracy, hacking, money laundering, etc. With further investigation, it is clear that Gameover Zeus botnet was used as bases for distribution of Cryptolocker. With the brain expected to be caught soon and put behind the bars, the main issue that will be stalking the governments will be how to stop the malwares?

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