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Micron Technology launched Crucial MX100 SSD for lowest-price ever

Crucial from Micron Technology is playing very crucial part in reducing the market price of SSD (Solid-State Drive) as its new 2.5-inch MX100 SSD will give you 256GB of speedier storage just for $109.99.micron-crucial-ssd

Until now, we thought that the 250GB SSD storage from other typical brands for around $150 as the cheapest SSD storage option ever, but the new introduction of Crucial MX100 SSD by Micron Technology will surprise everyone for sure and in future, you might see a drastic price decrease from all other brands too.


For example, you can see many 256GB SSD drives for around $150 and the price goes up to $300 at Newegg Retailer and you can see the Crucial M550 too, with higher price tag of $165.

Crucial not only introduced the MX100 256GB SSD, but also launched 128GB and 512GB of SSD drives for $79.99 and $224.99, respectively.

Jon Weech, senior worldwide product manager of Crucial said in a statement:

“The Crucial MX100 represents a significant step forward for the mainstream SSD market, delivering outstanding performance and robust features at an excellent price.”

Meanwhile, the popular tech review blog AnandTech has already reviewed all versions of Crucial MX100 SSD drives and posted positive response to the manufacturer. Even the benchmark test comparing with the other typical drives shows that the Crucial MX100 is so far one of the best SSD drive entered into the market.

Krstia Vatto of AnandTech concluded the review by saying the following:

“With the performance and feature set, combined with pricing that basically doubles the amount of storage you get for your dollar, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Unless you are an enthusiast or professional with a heavy IO workload, the MX100 is currently the drive with the best bang for the buck in the market by far.”

You can learn more about the device from here. Press release here (pdf).

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