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Climate Politics: Obama announces toughest action ever

One of the greatest problem of the decade is known to be the global warming. It is of concern for everyone in this world to fight against the climate change. In our previous post we highlighted the policies expected from the President of America Obama which has now been announced and seems to be one of the hardest to fight back the climate change. The plan to reduce carbon emissions has been seriously considered by the Obama Government to reduce US carbon emissions by 17% by 2020. But what is now introduced looks the strongest ever.air-pollution-industries

The laws to be enforced by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has put a check on the coal utilized power plants in United States of America. As though more of the power generated to the US is by the Coal based power plants which are the major emitters of carbon gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Most of the green house gases that are responsible for the climate change and Global warming are the emissions of increasing number of vehicles as well as coal power plants being the foremost.


As said by Gina McCarthy, administrator of the EPA, climate changes not only poses risks but also hinders economy and community. The new proposed level is to cut the carbon emission by 30% by 2030. Under the Clean Air Act of 1970,Obama holds this right to impose these policies. It would be really challenging because this would affect the electricity cost. The whole of USA to face a little hike in the electricity fare. However the policies of EPA are open for public to comment on until the end of June 2015.

Looking at the facts and figures,there are more than 600 coal based power plants in the US out of which a hundred or few hundreds would be facing the closure attacks due to this new policy to cut carbon emissions. It would definitely reduce the jobs for around a million Americans. This is a long run thinking by Obama. Under the guidance of EPA the states would be following the increased power production by giving chance to evolve wind power and solar power plants so as to balance the power consumption as well as the production. This would help the states to not deploy the economy.

As reported by the New York Times, the now announced policies to curb carbon emissions would cost an annual investment of around $8 billion to implement the other renewable energy source power plants but this would also benefit around $93 billion in the upcoming years is what is estimated out of the plans. Well even after the policies of the US, it’s important to note that other developing countries should also be joining hands to combat the world climate change.

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