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Google’s workforce diversity data shows male and white preferences

The news says so much about the racist and gander-based approach of Google. According to the recent survey of workforce diversity report of the company, around 70 percent of the Google’s employees are men and around 60 percent of the employees is white. The percentage of the black workers is just accounted with the 2 percent, whereas the Hispanics were around 3 percent. As per the report released on Wednesday, Asian has been accounted with the 30% of the total population in the company.google-workforce-diversity

The gender data is global where the ethnicity information is concerned only with the United States as Google informed. Admitting the same Google Senior Vice President for the People Operations says that they are first to admit the realty and also seek for the solution to the problem.


Nevertheless it is true that the Google and other tech companies have been under constant pressure by the US government to release the data. Recently, in one of the meetings held by Google, civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson raised the issue of releasing the data. Bock says that “Google is not the ideal place when it comes to diversity and it is difficult to face such challenges, if one is not prepared to discuss it openly.”

Jackson in March commented that he was to head the delegation to Hewlett-Packard’s  annual meeting  says that the current shareholders mark the under-representation of the African-American companies at Silicon . feeling disappointed he remarks that the technology is more about the inclusion but still the patterns shows is exclusive with all the top-notch tech companies such as Apple,  Twitter, Facebook, HP and Google.

Tech companies such as Google is finding it difficult to recruit and engage women and minorities at its work centre, as only 18 percent women earn Computer Science Degree in the United States where the blacks and Hispanics scores less than 10 percent of the U.S. graduate. In the Google’s leadership ratio, the dominance of white and males is high as 79 percent men over 72 percent jobs are secured by the whites.

You can go through the Workforce Diversity Data from this link.

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