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Climate Politics – A fight back by President Obama

The USA is all set to play its fight towards the only Goal of Environmental protection. The present Global warming is one effect of all the carbon emissions that is generated by various means. Well in advance the citizens are to be aware but following a change is always a tedious task for everyone. Hence a solution adopted by the U.S president Obama to fight back the climate extremities. Making policies and enforcement of these laws would be a bigger solution to console the people to act towards the situation.president-obama-green-initiative

In concern with Global warming that made Obama to perspire along with enforcing some of the policies to combat this climate change there would be harsh implementation laws on the carbon emissions. This new aggressive laws would ensure the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to look up to the power plants to regulate carbon emissions. Well the consequence is predicted to be harsh as this would weaken the economy and cause a loss of more than 2 million American jobs.


The total effort by Obama is to impose a cap on the carbon emissions from coal based power plants. According to statistics there are about 1600 existing plants that are causing about one third if the carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. This would cause a question of meeting the requirements. A Duke university head speaks over the situation as it is important to first reduce the emission of Green House Gases. The major of them are Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide.

As per the Copenhagen Summit on climate that happened in 2009 to reduce the carbon levels by 17% in US by 2020, these new regulations are necessary to reach up to this target. In 2007 the US supreme court gave the authority to EPA for implementing regulations on the carbon emissions. In the US since coal accounts for major of the electricity that is around 40% it would be really tough to meet the requirements along with carbon emission reduction. It has become a now or never situation to the US to start controlling the environmental pollution.

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