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Apple’s upcoming software and services at WWDC 2014

On Monday, Apple is expected to announce its line-up of upcoming software and services at the Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC 2014, San Francisco. Let’s just have a glance at possible upcoming announcements.apple-wwdc-2014

In Apple’s keynote speech, the company is likely to announce about iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 for mobile and desktop platforms. During the conference, developers will be able to test out the software for future iPad and iPhones. The company’s new services in the iCloud service will be another highlight during the conference. Apple has been increasingly focusing on developing its cloud-based services to compete with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services which has more features apart from sync and storage.


The latest OS X 10.10 desktop software will be unveiled for iMac, Mac and Macbook. The new software will be similar to the previous OS X 10 but will have new features and performance improvements. Net Applications has reported that Apple holds 7.6 percent in the desktop market while Windows has 90 percent.

The iOS is expected to undergo a complete makeover from iOS 7 and it has been rumored that the OS will include software like Healthbook and mobile payments service. The Healthbook app will be a health service for iPhone’s and iPads which will offer fitness services. Apple’s own Mobile payments system is expected to be released which will be similar to PayPal, Square and Intuit though the exact working of the software is not known. Apple’s iTunes and App Store purchases have contributed to 10 percent of Apple’s revenue  during the fiscal second quarter.

Apple platform is likely to be used for smart-homes which will be able to control lightbulbs, thermostats and household appliances through the internet. it was also reported that iPhones and iPads will be able to control appliances with a simple software. However it was reported that the “Made for iPhone” system would allow to connect through Wi-Fi instead of home integration.

It looks like the company will not launch any new Apple hardware such as a revamped Apple TV or rumored iWatch wearable device at the WWDC 2014 event. Stay tuned; we will track and update you as the event unfolds. What’s your prediction?

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