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Google Stars extension leaked after its debut on Chrome Store

A Google+ user found the Google Stars extension app on Chrome Store before being pulled off by Google and a German blogger has made it available for download. Now let’s brief you how it works and know about the features.google-stars-leaked

The app was will allow a user to ‘Star’ bookmarks and the regular bookmarks is replaced with grid-like view of the sites. Users who have access to Google’s dogfooding program will be able to test out most of the interesting features and the app is not available on the Chrome Store. However Windows users can install the app manually by dropping the file into extensions page using Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev Channel. Users of the dogfooding program mention that the “filters” were not working and the feature was not known.


Responding to the leak of Google Stars, the company responded:

“We’re always experimenting with new features, but have nothing new to announce this time.”

On installing the Google Stars extension, the user will see a Star icon with a grey box and will notify ‘Starred’ instead of ‘Bookmarked’ when on a website. The extension also has the ability to detect dead pages and can organize bookmarks automatically.

The extension will provide a “image-rich grid” and a dialog box for selecting the folder to drop an item. Screenshots of the website are taken automatically and the items can be dragged and dropped into the folders.

Google is expected to release the extension during the Google I/O next month. Cartsen Knobloch, a German blogger downloaded the file before Google pulled it from the store and shared it with the German site Caschys. The file can be downloaded from CloudUp for users who would like to test it out.

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