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Samsung galaxy tab 3 8-Inch Android Tablet review

The center edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series, the particular Galaxy Tabs 3 8.0 makes its very own separate route inside the digital tablet world. This series boasts a changed and fresh changed design and reflects how quickly tablet technology has developed within months of Samsung’s last tablet release. This tab provides decent features in terms of screen dimensions, weight, and price.

As rumored among the tablet world, this tab was particularly designed to outweigh Note 2, Samsungs last release and also battle on standing Apple’s Ipad mini and Nexus 7. But the question arises how far does it go?



Samsung’s newest tablet is actually gorgeous, which should come as no surprise, as the majority of its devices are.  As its identity implies, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 includes a 8-inch display. The screen looks pretty good when viewed from sides but overall fails to impress. Screen resolution is quite lower. It is 1024×600 pixel s, along with pixel density of 169ppi. That is much less as compared to the giants it is said to be battling. Even though the Samsung Tab 3 isn’t seriously fast in terms of tablet but it is decent in its price range. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 uses the TouchWiz interface. In some tabs and cell phones, this could seem like a jumbled user interface. But in this scenario this works.

The Galaxy Tabs 3 8-inch includes two cameras, along with a 5MP rear camera. The rear 5-megapixel camera is a typical tab camera but gets a good boost with a camera app. The 1.3-megapixel front camera is okay for video talks, just realize that the face can come away grainy on the other end.

Now the battery life of this tab is yet another disappointing feature. The actual 4450mAh battery power survives about 8 or 9 hours associated with constant rigorous use, a good amount of time for a tablet this particular dimension. But it fails to match with the exiting tabs in the market.

Overall Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 stands in the middle with features not enough to create a buzz but looking down at its price, it makes its way. It has some minor flaws in terms design, camera but it is not a terrible tab. Read the complete review here.

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