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Lookout adds premium ‘Theft alerts’ to its iOS and Android apps

As the reports of Apple device’s kidnapping and ransom news are still in mainstream, Lookout has released a new premium feature called ‘Theft Alerts’ in its latest version which would send users e-mail when it detects any suspicious activity for $2.99 per month or $29.99 annually.lookout-theft-alerts

The new feature will send email alerts as soon as the smartphone’s SIM is removed, the phone is turned off or if someone tries to remove the app. The app will also take a snapshot of the person through the front camera, if the PIN is entered incorrectly and mail it to the user. Users also have an option to remotely wipe the phone’s and are exclusively available in the paid version of the app.


The alerts to the inbox can be customized and features can be enabled or disabled in the Lookout app. Lookout has researched extensively on the methods thieves incorporate after stealing a smartphone.

“From the day we started Lookout, we’ve dedicated ourselves to fighting smartphone theft. Today, the problem has grown so large that nearly 70 percent of phone theft victims never get their phone back. This is not right,” said Kevin Mahaffey, Chief Technical Officer at Lookout.

Theft Alerts are priced at $29.99 a year in addition to the premium version of the Lookout app which is priced at 2.99 per month. Lookout had recently mentioned that one in ten smartphone owners are victims of phone theft. The high theft rate of smartphones has caused companies like Apple to offer ‘Find My iPhone‘ feature which can track the device real-time and many new smartphones are pre-loaded with tracking apps. iOS users can avail the premium features for free till September 31st.

Checkout the new features in the video:

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