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Buy LG Optimus G Pro with Rs. 7,000 discount through buyback scheme

NEW DELHI – LG has entered the list of mobile brands who offers buyback schemes for their smartphones in India. Till date, buyback scheme was offered by other big firms like Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc. LG has become the 6th brand which is offering this service anywhere in the globe.

LG Optimus G Pro is listed with buyback scheme. In general cases it retails around Rs. 39,900 tag but under this buyback scheme, you can get it for Rs. 32,999 only (by returning any old LG phone to the company). So with this buyback schemes you can save up to Rs. 7,000 maximum.



To make all the things bit better, LG is offering 2 years official warranty on buyback machines. In regular cases, it offers official warranty for 1 year only. So with this scheme you are not only getting Rs. 7000 off but you are receiving one year additional warranty.

Talking about Optimus G Pro then it comes with a 5.5 inch high quality screen that is similar to Galaxy Note II (in terms of size only). It wears some of the best hardware specs like quad core CPU with 2 GB RAM, 1.7 GHz clocking and Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU. On the software end, it brings Android 4.1 Jellybean to surface. It is the only sad thing about Optimus G Pro.

Where to buy LG Optimus G Pro with buyback scheme

You can buy Optimus G Pro under buyback scheme from any official LG showroom around your area. All you need to do is to return your old LG smartphone to showroom representatives. You will not be able to purchase it online so please visit your nearby LG showroom for further details.

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