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After Google, Uber plans to bring self-driving cars in future

On Wednesday, At Re/code Code Conference, Uber announced their future plans for adopting self-driving cars when they become readily available.uber

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick mentioned that the company would adopt self-driving cars when they are available during the Code Conference in Palos Verdes, California. Uber also announced its partnership with AT&T during the conference. Kalanick is also facing opposition from cab drivers in London over the topic of self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are expected to reduce costs and a lower fare for cab users.


When Google announced the driver-less cars at the Re/code Code Conference, it has also mentioned that the company will be launching 100 more self-driving prototype cars in 2015. And if you think you can have one, you should know that these cars will not be meant for general public.

“Look this is the way the world is going. If Uber doesn’t go there, it’s not going to exist either way,” said Travis Kalanick, Uber Chief Executive.

Uber’s partnership with AT&T will allow drivers to use wireless service and embed the Uber app on new AT&T devices. Uber has also raised funding of more than $300 million with a “record-breaking valuation” of $17 billion which would be utilized for its expansion plans. Uber will become one of the highly valued companies with Dropbox and Airbnb. Travis mentioned that he wanted to see the app in “every major city in the world”. Travis statements were made after Google has unveiled a self-driving car last week.

Last week Uber and Lyft were sued by Connecticut taxi and livery companies for racketeering. The company was also accused by London Taxi Drivers Association on its method of calculating fares. Uber users can decide the fares with drives using the app but LTDA assumes that the app is “set up by a meter” to fix the fares which the company denied. Uber does not require meters to be set up as it is a private hire company.

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