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Fiat to pull Lancia curtains this year and Voyager in 2015

The grave is literally set for the once well-known and loved Italian Car, Lancia. Lancia is one of the best-selling models that Fiat has ever produced! With its inception in the decade of 1960, Lancia evolved as one of most favored cars that ruled the streets of Italy. But .with the decease of the Golden days, the time has arrived when Lancia bids goodbye. Fiat will be officially stop producing the once known and loved car, Lancia.

Fiat to pull Lancia curtains this year


According to the Company, the main reason behind the execution of Lancia is the globally dropping sales. It will be wrong to state anything in favor of the car as in recent times, the worldwide sales of the model literally dropped to zero. The fact is that with sale only in Italy, it will not at all be of any profits of Fiat to continue with car.

Lancia will be officially termination its tenure this year and 2015 on the other hand will mark the end of Voyager. Although there is no official statement about Voyager, the reason behind the decision remains to be the same.

The declaration of the end of Lancia has triggered a lot of public emotion. There have been a lot of talks about Lancia and the days that it has seen. The people have also gone down to sign online petitions to save the car but Fiat seems determined to call it off. The person who has seen the major part of the wrath is Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne. According to the people, Mr. Marchionne is the brain responsible for the decision. Nevertheless, 2014 marks the end of the legendary Lancia.

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