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Homes to be more secure as Google buys dropcam

Google seems to have taken the decision that it will grow to such magnanimous heights that it will literally be omnipresent in human lives. We have seen Google acquiring a lot of companies that has already made Google something different that the normal we based organizations. With the deal that stays upfront with Dropcam, Google is taking its first major step into home security and solutions. According to the rumors, Google is all set to strike a deal with Dropcam which one of the largest makers of Wi-Fi cameras.

Homes to be more secure as Google buys dropcam


Dropcam was launched in the year 2009 by two people; Aamir Virani and Greg Duffy. The initial reason for the launch of the organizations was to provide people with solutions to the issues that they faced with the neighborhood activities. The organization seemed to have achieved what it had aimed for as Dropcam gained a lot of response in the market.

Now with Google’s aims, it seems that the IT giant is planning to dig into some critical issues related to Home Security. Google recently bought NEST for $3.2 billion and as far as the sources go, the company plans to breed NEST and Dropcam to create something better.

There has been no official statement issued from any of the sides. Considering the prospects that the merge of NEST and Dropcam can create, people might start to expect something better than just keeping a watch on the neighborhood, their pets or what is going on with the kids in the house?

Google might just be buying Dropcam with its unit subsidiary of NEST. Now when Google also has competition from Apple in this field of Home Security, we can surely expect Google to be coming out with some better solution in recent times.

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