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Play Battlefield 4 today for free on PS3 for 20 hours

Sony’s PlayStation Plus members in North America can play the Battlefield 4 trial on PlayStation 3 for a total of 20 hours from today, i.e., on May 27.battlefield-4-playstation-plus

Currently is the trial is available to US PlayStation Plus members and Sony hasn’t announced if the game would be made available to other countries. Plus members usually are given one hour trial for game titles but this is the first time a game like battlefield 4 will be allowed for 20 hours. From May 27th the trial game will be available on PS3 while the announcement has not confirmed the availability in PlayStation 4 though it might be released in the future.


Users will be able to experience the original game with maps and weapons but the trial version will require purchase for content for any expansion packs. Rumors have mentioned about a release of game similar to the Battlefield franchise developed by Visceral games at E3 2014. Battlefield has faced several technical problems since its release on October. However EA and developer DICE rolled out a “Community Test Environment” on PC for improving the game.

Last week PlayStation Plus member got the opportunity to download five free games namely Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, Stick it to the Man, Resogun, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and LittleBigplanet Karting which will be available till June 3. Plus members are also offered discount on some game titles for PS4, Vita and PS3. As long as they remain a Plus subscriber they can re-download the free games in the account.

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