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Apple-Beats Deal: Has Dr. Dre’s video forced Apple to step back?

The deal that had spiked up a lot of spice when it entered the market was the Apple and Beats deal. According to the proposed plans of the deal, Apple was supposedly buying out the headphone and music streaming company ‘Beats’ in Billions. Now, it seems that Apple is taking a step back from the deals owing to certain events that took place recently. As per the rumors that are afloat in the market, Apple is looking forward to buy Beats by a whopping $3.2 billion. UPDATE 29/5/2014: Apple now confirms the $3 billion Beats deal.apple-beats-electronics

Although there are no official statements made in this regard by Apple but Beats co – founder Dr. Dre seems to have made a few statements. Dr. Dre has been accused of stating some comments that were a part of the secrecy of the deals. In some public postings on social networks and words in public, Dr. Dre has termed himself as the only billionaire in the regime of hip hop music industry.


To add to it, a video went viral on YouTube which had the two founders of Beats; Dr. Dre and Tyrese Gibson speaking things about the deal. Apple is literally furious about the turn of events and probably has decided to take a step back from the deal.

On the other hand, Tyrese Gibson has pleaded guilty and stated that Dr. Dre was drunk when the video was being shot. This imparts another question that how did the video leak into the media. The experts of the genre are quite obvious of the fact that such an incident cannot trigger the collapse of a deal of this stature.

Most of the people think that there is something else that is stopping Apple from venturing deep. Initially many people did state that, Apple was making a mistake with this deal. Now the question is that, is there something more fishy or it is just the ego of Apple tha6yt has been hurt. Apple has made no official comments about the video!

Meanwhile, we have experiences some removal of those posts on Twitter and Instagram that was once posted by Tyrese. We guess, the Beats team is feeling the heat now. What’s your opinion on this story.

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