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Suzuki plays it safe, recalls 184000 GM-made small cars

After a series of recalls from General Motors and Ford; it is time that Suzuki Motor Corporation (SZKMY.PK, SZKMF.PK) also made a healthy contribution to the number of recalled cars. According to the reports, Suzuki Motor Corporation has issued a call back statement for more than 18 lac cars. To be precise Suzuki Motor Corporation has called back 184244 small cars from the streets of the United States with an issue with the headlight switch as the corporation fears that it can catch fire anytime.

Suzuki Motor Corporation plays it safe


After General Motors and Ford made a series of call backs for a variety of small and heavy vehicles from the streets of the states, Suzuki has also issues an official notice. The interesting fact is that the faulty Headlight switches that have inspired the issues have been manufactured by General Motors for the Asian automobile giant. According to the reports presented by Suzuki Motor Corporation, the wiring around the Headlight switch can melt anytime on the run and lead to a major road accident.

The trouble with the Headlight wiring is very much similar to the problem that General Motors faced with their ignition systems. The ignition failure in case of General Motors was responsible for a few accidents which lead to casualties. Thus, Suzuki Motor Corporation has played a safe game. The corporation has recalled cars manufactured in a time period of 2004 to 2008. The models that have been recalled are Forenza and Reno.

When asked about the issue to General Motors, the reply seemed really disturbing. According to GM, there is presently no solution to the issue that the small cars from the streets of the United States are facing. The last time Suzuki made such a recall was back in the year 2012 and even that involved the Headlight configuration only.

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