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Google+ for Android revamped in new update

Google+ application for Android has been revamped with a number of changes in the interface and new navigation features which are released in the latest update.google-plus-android-screenshot

The red status bar on the top has become brighter and new pencil icon for adding new posts as it was seen the leaked version.. The new update has removed the navigation bar which has been replaced by a horizontal tray that opens on a tap. The navigation bar has been pulled off in a number of Google apps like Docs and spreadsheets. Other changes include an impressive interface  which is responsive and easy-to-use.


However users now cannot access Hangouts through the Google+ app as Hangouts has received several updates. Google has added an “Auto-awesome” feature called “Stories” which allows Google to compile all locations, pictures, videos and posts into a story like experience. Auto Awesome Movies is another new feature that can use photos and videos to create any fun shorts. Though Google hasn’t added any major features in the photos section, the “motion” and “mix” option can be used to create animated GIF’s.

Through Google+ Stories, Google will not only make an auto awesome movies for you, but also recognize the locations, landmarks in your photos and combine all those photos to create a perfect auto travelogue for you, with an aesthetically appealing presentation.


Google has improved its Google+ app looks with a new sleek UI with improved performance and introduced several features in order to catch up with Facebook’s popularity. Currently the app has been released on Android and the iOS update will be released later. Google is set to bring several changes to its app and will be announced during the I/O event this June when the company will reveal its future plans.

The new update is available for download now | Google Play Store.

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